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    Amazonite Palmstones - Calming Crystal for Balance, Harmony & Throat Chakra Activation
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    Embrace tranquillity with our hand-selected Amazonite Palmstones. Celebrated for promoting balance and activating the Throat Chakra, these soothing teal crystals fit comfortably in your palm, perfect for meditation, stress-relief, and fostering harmony. Experience their peaceful vibrations and give the gift of tranquillity to those seeking balance and serenity.

    Weight: 30g

    Please note that crystals are natural and my vary in size, weight and colour.

    Key Features:

    • Genuine Amazonite Palmstones
    • Promotes balance, and harmony, and activates the Throat Chakra
    • Hand-selected for soothing teal hues and peaceful vibrations
    • Fits comfortably in the palm for meditation, crystal healing, or stress relief
    • Ideal for relaxation and focus during mindfulness practices
    • A thoughtful gift for those seeking tranquillity, balance, and harmony
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